About Clint Carlson

As a leader in education technology and holistic communication management, my focus on capacity building is rooted in a passion for life-long learning, teaching, and enabling others.

At the core of my work is a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education, fueling endeavors to cultivate learning cultures steeped in self-efficacy, community, and collaboration. Through innovative approaches and cutting-edge design technology, I endeavor to create educational communities where teachers and students embark on a shared journey of learning and growth.

With a diverse background spanning roles as a designer, developer, project manager, trainer, strategist, and leader across various sectors including education, private, corporate, NGO, and the United Nations, my expertise offers a unique perspective and a wealth of experience. I bring fresh ideas and strategic insights to projects, fostering short and long-term solutions for educators, administrators, team members, and students alike.

My dedication to capacity building extends beyond the realm of education, embracing digital humanitarianism to amplify the impact of technical education exponentially. Through collaborative efforts, I aim to empower those who empower others, fostering lasting positive change in our interconnected world.

My focus on the power of technical education capacity-building reflects back on those I work with exponentially and is amplified by my digital humanitarianism – helping those who help others to provide lasting good.